Customs warehousing, including logistics services.

  • Discharging the goods from the means of transport – vessels and barges – specified by the beneficiary.
  • Transport of the goods from the discharging place specified by the beneficiary up to our own warehouses.
  • Properly and fully secure keeping in our own warehouses of the goods. The warehouses are granted in all respects with all Customs authorizations and are fit to shelter and preserve industrial goods, both bulk and packed in the warehouse spreading on an area of 3,932 square meters with the related volume of 8,046 cubic meters and goods packed in boxes, crates, big bags, barrels, etc. in the central warehouse spreading on an area of 1,564 square meters with the related volume of 12,463 cubic meters. The goods with such destination can be placed in marked perimeters so they can be easily and perfectly identifiable for handling with mechanized means in and out.
  • Video surveillance is conducted around the perimeter of the company’s territory, including at the entrance of customs wharehouse.
  • Loading and logistics services performing for the Customs warehoused goods up to the point indicated or requested, having very good connections and high expertise in simple and multi-modal transport.